Sunday, July 18, 2010

View From Van Zandt Road

At last, a chance to paint one of my favorite views.....  Conesus Lake from a farmers field on Van Zant Road in Livonia, NY.

It felt sooooo good to sit in the field and paint the day.  I stopped in at the farm house to ask permission but alas, no one was home.  I did get to pet 2 sweet kitties, and a Rottie jumped against the door when I knocked.  Very good watch dog!

My desire to paint was toooo powerful and it won out over lack of permission.  Hopefully, I'll catch the owners of the farm before we leave and thank them for the use of their field :)  If not, they'll get a surprise print in the mail in the next few weeks :)

Here is where I sat..........

This, my view.........

And, what was behind me.........

A beauty of a day.  Low 80's, no humidity to speak of, a slight breeze on the hill.  I'm glad I brought the golf umbrella though.  I do prefer to sit in the shade as does my pale skin!


  1. What a wonderful day for you! I have a feeling the farm owners will love the print! It's simply beautiful!

  2. I love to give surprise art print gifts :) When growing up on our dairy farm, an artist did a pastel sketch of our lower 40 acres that he used as a reference for an oil painting. He then gave us the pastel sketch. It's still in our family and is such a treasure.

  3. I got a nice print from Chicago Nature Lady once--she made it from one of my photos. When I was young, I did nice drawing of my parents' barn--they loved it.

    Your sketch is wonderful and to me improves on the real scene.

  4. Thanks, Joan. I love how my feeling for a place comes through my work. Guess that's why it's important to paint things you love :)

  5. Reminds me a bit of the view from Cornell across Lake Cayuga, a memory that hits me every time I turn down a certain local street in the Manayunk section of Philadelphia and look across the Schuylkill River.

    But more important than that you were able to spend a full day painting. With very good results. Sometimes you just have to drop everything else and get out!

  6. Thanks for stopping by, Ken! The views of the Finger Lakes really stay with you, don't they? I did find out that the farm land where I sat belongs to the Van Zandt family! They must have had this farm in the family for many, many moons that the road bears the same name!

    Actually, it was just a 2 hour paint break - it affects felt like a day away though :)

    1. I happened upon your post when looking for pictures of Conesus Lake. I am the one with the Rottie that jumps against the door. The farm has been in the family since 1812; 8 generations of VanZandts have lived there. The road used to be the cattle drive to the lake before the lake got built up. Your photo is now the wallpaper on my computer. Great shot! Thank you. From Barb VanZandt

  7. Oh, Barbara! Reading your comment so makes my day! I'm a tad behind in getting a print to you.... One thing and another happens and last year when we traveled up to Livonia to see family, it was crazy and I didn't get the print done again. I promise to do better this year! If you read this reply, go over to the right column of my blog, scroll down and click on the contact Pam block. Please send me your email and I'll send a much better version of the image for your computer :)