Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dog Daze of August

In keeping with the hot weather here in the South Carolina low country I thought I'd literally bring you dogs days.

Here are some sketches of our hounds done with General's Sketch & Wash pencil.  Please pardon the scans.  These sketches are from 2005 when we were still living in NY.  The paper is very wavy and I found if I tried to get the shadows out in photoshop, that I lost a lot of the details.

I made these sketches of Grizz and Dudley  as they lounged on the pontoon boat.

 Here are the little sweeties in the flesh.  They invented the word 'spoiled.'

It's all about comfort, heat, sunshine, food, treats and lots of walks......

And, let's not forget about toys!


  1. I love the sketches and I love to spoil my dog too. She's worth it.

  2. Thanks! And, you are soooo right about the joy of spoiling your pet!

  3. These two - in photos and sketches - made me smile today. Thanks!

  4. Glad these images made you smile, Rhonda. Grizz and Dudley have given us years of smiles :)