Sunday, August 8, 2010

Early Morning

In an attempt to beat the heat, sun and golfers, the dogs and I were out just after 7 a.m.

We walked down holes 18 and 17.  Had to have my marsh-in the-morning fix :)

This is the second morning I've seen these wavy tracks running from marsh to pond over the 17th fairway.  Mr. Turtle?

I get sucked right in to morning mist on the marsh.  So why am I not painting this?

Wait and see :)

The dogs are ever so good waiting for me.  I soooooo love my little digital camera :)


  1. Nice images. I love early morning walks!

  2. I love your photos Pam...especially those leisurely turtling tracks! and yes, early motnings and late favorite times of day!

  3. Ahhhh, early morning views are the best! I love the dewdrops and the the turtle(?) tracks, too. I guess we'll see a painting soon of the marsh mist in the trees...

  4. Ronelle, thanks! I would love to see that turtle - it's got to be a biggie!

  5. Hi Elizabeth! I'm sure hoping to get to the easel. I'm gathering all kinds of inspiration :)

  6. Looks like gator tracks... they like dogs for breakfast so keep an eye on your pups..

  7. Gator never crossed my mind because of the salt marsh, but it didn't have to go into the marsh..... Ahhh!