Thursday, September 9, 2010

Blog News!

I've three new items to share.  One you may have already checked out, but just in case......

I decided it was high time to take advantage of the tab feature that Blogger offers.  Just under my banner are three tabs: Home, Field Trips and Workshops.  Home is the page you are on right now and features blog posts on the left and lots of info in the right column.

The Field Trips tab takes you to a page that has images of past field trips my workshop students and I have gone on and during the fall, winter & spring months, will list upcoming trips to register for.  Remember, you must be a past student in order to sign up.

Workshops - you guessed it, information about the workshops I offer.  I'm very excited about the new 'On Demand' Illustrated Journaling Workshops.  If you're planning a trip to Hilton Head Island or the Beaufort area, we can design an art vacation for you!  I have listed two possible workshop themes as a starting point.  We can customize!

Last, but not least, I've a new card shoppe!

When you scroll down the right panel of this blog page, you will come across a widget that says PJBee's Card Shoppe.  Just click the yellow 'Buy Cards' tab and away you'll go to my shoppe at Greeting Card Universe.  I'm very new at this.  If you, too, are interest in selling cards, check them out.

I currently have 12 card designs in my shoppe.  Most are blank notes but I do have a 'Thinking of You' card and a Christmas card.  More to come!

Thanks for checking out my new offerings!!


  1. Wow!! Aren't you the productive one??!! I've been meaning to do the tabs my spare time. Guess I'd rather bind journals! ;•)

    Love the workshop on demand! I'm coming back up your way and soon. Maybe I can work something out!

  2. P.S. Congrats on the card shop! You should do very well as your illos are beautiful!

  3. Congrats on all the new stuff. And I wish you well on all your endeavors. If I'm EVER planning a trip to your area, I'll see about scheduling a workshop!

  4. I love the idea of "on demand" workshops! How cool - I can see how that would fit so nicely into travel and convention schedules.

    I like the tabs feature too, but haven't explored that yet on Blogger; it adds a nice functionality and dimension.

    The cards look wonderful!

  5. Thank you, Laure! Do let me know when you're close by - I'd love to meet you and go on a paint-out! By the by, I'll stand in line with you to ask for more hours in the day :) Women's Nature is helping me out a bit by giving me some sleepless nights. I try to get some studio work done but have to pick and choose what I'm up for :)

  6. Thanks, Kate! February and March are lovely here - and that's about the time you want to pull your hair out in winter :)

  7. Thanks, Elizabeth! I'm hoping to fill a vacation niche in this little corner of the world :) The brochures are almost ready to hand out to the hotels and B&B's.

  8. Look at you updating and getting all fancy with your blog. Great job. I'm off to check out your cards : )

  9. Lisa, you're making me giggle :) Many thanks!