Sunday, September 26, 2010

Celebrating the Harvest Moon and Autumnal Equinox I

What a treat to celebrate this special event!

I made special painting plans for the 23rd but couldn't ignore the 22nd.  This is the same location that I painted from during last month's full moon.

You can truly say the Harvest Moon lights up the sky.  Mate it with the Autumnal Equinox and holy cow! Very scientific, huh?  :)

I did 3 quick watercolor sketches at this location. I added the calligraphic type today.  

The clouds, while not many, were changing shapes quickly.  The second sketch isn't really accurate as the moon was much higher in the sky. I do love the shape of the clouds, though :)  

The third sketch......... well, the mosquitoes were attacking at full force. Here is what I managed to get down on page.

Please click on the image so that you may read the copy.

I put more definition in the moon's face and added the yellows in the clouds later that evening.... from the comfort of my front porch. No bugs, thank you very much!

Today was finish journal pages day.  A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon - all quiet and meditative in my studio. Husband and dogs fast asleep on the sofa. The golf tournament that he soooo wanted to see on the television...... He did wake up for the finish.  That's what's important.  Yeah, Jimmy!  Great win!


  1. What an interesting set of images. I love how you have laid out the pages. The Full Moon and Equinoxes are an interesting combination. I'm glad you called attention to them.

    Question on the type - did you add that by hand? or by computer?

  2. Lovely moon studies... and your calligraphy is very nicely done as well.

  3. Not one, but three paintings of the harvest moon! You are inspiring. I've looked forward to these and it was worth the wait. I did look out on the night - but clouds were too thick to see the moon in my part of the world.

  4. Oh, these are lovely, Pam!

    I have plans to get a memory sketch done as I didn't take the time to stop and paint during the actual Equinox and my photos did not come out.

  5. Thank you, Claire! The type, while it is a computer font, I used it as inspiration for my hand-lettering.

    Thanks, Elaine! I wanted to incorporate special lettering for this occasion :)

    Rhonda, you are the one who inspires! More to come -
    I'm still working on the pages done on the 23rd :)

    Thank you, Laure! I know all about the disappointment of failed evening photos! Your memory sketch will be wonderful. Trust!

  6. Well... I must say that your lettering is wonderful!

  7. Hi Pam - I've been waiting for these! Beautiful watercolors and lettering, the moon was great, wasn't it? I love your style!

  8. Thanks, Elizabeth! It was a glorious moon!