Monday, October 11, 2010

10•10•10 A Celebration

Sunday was the third to the last time in the 21st century when month, day, year (abbreviated) will be the same number.  Next time it will be 11.11.11 and then 12.12.12...... 

I caught onto these special days a tad late in the game. Well, to be honest, I can't remember prior to 09.09.09 if I even paid attention, but I do know that, prior to last year, I didn't make a record of these special days.  What a shame.

Yesterday, Rob and I took a short trip up to Walterboro, SC to visit the town's Great Swamp Sactuary.  What a delightful nature walk!  And, it's handicapped accessible! While I didn't make a single journal entry, I surely took lots of photographs. 

Here are a couple of images of water patterns created by water-striders. My paint brush is eager to explore the abstracts of water.  Hmmmm, a new series of paintings is in the wind :)


  1. Hmmm, seems we're on a similar page as I've been working on water reflections too!

    Like you, I came late to the game on the 10.10.10, 09.09.09, etc. too. Better late than never!

  2. That's right, Laure! Looking forward to seeing your water studies :)

  3. Beautiful photos Pam. Can't wait to see what paintings come from the water inspiration!

  4. Thanks, Lisa. Lots of inspiration.... over 80 water shots. It's amazing what a little automatic camera can capture :)

  5. Beautiful photos - thanks for sharing! I quit smoking on 9-9-99 just so I'd always remember :) I saw on the news where a lot of people were married on 10-10-10 (so the husband could remember their anniversary!). (My word verification says unsit so maybe I'd better get up and do something...)

  6. Hi, Rhonda! Thanks! Congrats for staying smoke-free! Too funny about 10.10 as a future anniversary date. God bless the poor guy who gets too involved with whatever and doesn't remember this date! That will make for quite a storm :)

    Hey, with all you've been up to lately.... sit guilt free!