Saturday, November 6, 2010

Travel Journaling Workshop

A few weeks ago I conducted a 3-day Travel Journal Workshop at Coastal Art Supply in Beaufort.  We made 2 simple practice journals. One from a sheet of 18 x 24 Strathmore drawing paper, the other from a half sheet of Canson Edition paper. I wanted my students to feel less intimidated about making marks in their designated 'travel journals.' Practice, after all, is a wonderful thing. What better way to prepare making journal entries than in a journal - even one with just a few pages! 

Beaufort is such a great town to vacation. Water everywhere, beaches nearby, historic buildings galore, buggy ride tours, great specialty shops, lots of galleries and restaurants. By the end of the 3 days, we felt like we had been on vacation and we only went across the street from CAS to The Beaufort Inn and then to downtown's Waterfront Park, barely scratching the surface of the sights :)

The image above is my demo from the last day. We were behind the Inn in the gardens. The assignment was to live on the wild side and sketch with pen. Yikes, pen? No pencil? I then said I was going to be their impatient travel companion and they only had 10 minutes to sketch their subject, then it was time to move on..... More groans :)

I explained sketching with pen is terrifyingly freeing.  That they'd love it..... Teacher doesn't lie :)

They did a series of 3 - 10 minute sketches, then they worked on each sketch an additional 10 minutes adding color. Later that day, in the comfort of the classroom, they added type to complete their pages.

Jobs well done!  See, you can sketch quickly with pen and what great results!

Below is day one's demo.  A view of The Beaufort Inn and some of the garden's plants.  Sometimes it's a hit or miss experience when doing a demo. This time I didn't get the proper proportions on the inn. Only very small people can enter this inn..... the first floor is way too short :)  So, I make light of the ooobooo and move on.

Here is a quick building vignette of a favorite restaurant 'Plums.'

October was sooooo crazy busy that I was ever so grateful to be outside sketching.  It was the first outdoor time I had since early in the month. Nothing soothes the nerves like plein air sketching :)


  1. I've been through Beaufort but never stopped - may have to do that next time I'm in SC. This sounds like a wonderful workshop - your students were probably stressing but then realized the fun that could be had when doing things quickly and moving on.

  2. They were happy campers at the end, Rhonda! Beaufort is a treasure as is the Inn! Let me know when you're coming!

  3. I was just in Beaufort for a 4 day watercolor workshop. A LOVELY town! I visited the Coastal Art Store while I was in Beaufort and saw where you teach classes. Hopefully one day soon I will be able to take one of your workshops there!

  4. Great! You got to see Beaufort! I do love it there. CAS is a happy art store. I look forward to you making it over for a workshop!

  5. Looks like you all had such fun! I've been drawing with pen myself lately - it IS daunting but so freeing...I realized that a few stray lines don't make that much difference, and sometimes they add to the drawing itself.

    Any time I was moved out of my comfort zone by a teacher was the time when I learned the most! Way to go!

  6. Thanks, Elizabeth! It's fun to take an art risk. After all, it's only paper.... Live it up :)

  7. Fearless sketching with a pen .....right up my alley! Looks like fun. Lucinda