Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Rest of the Story.....

Now that this South Carolina elf finished the "project" and it's been safely delivered and opened by my dear, dear friends in NY, I can share the rest of the story :)

When Rob and I lived in western NY, we made close friends with our neighbors, Mary Jo, Dave and their three children, Shannon, Bridget and Jesse.  Jesse was just a wee tyke when we first moved there. Not having children of our own, it was so much fun to watch the kids as they grew.

Our moving away didn't set well with any of us and I promised the kids we'd always stay in touch. Each Christmas I find great joy in creating special ornaments for Shannon, Bridget and Jesse. Perhaps one year, I may even get them delivered before Christmas!!

This year I chose to send a bit of the SC lowcounty to them. I got to thinking about the longevity of the pine cone ornaments - would they stand up to the test of time? I also wanted to let the kids know about the natural items I chose for their ornaments. Okay, how about a nature journal card to go with the ornament? Realize now, that the clock is ticking and we're well into December when the project is finally starting to take shape...... no pressure here :)
click to enlarge

Here's how they turned out....

And here's what makes my heart sing!

Thanks for the great note, MJ! I'm soooo happy the kids like their ornaments!


  1. Those kids are among the world's luckiest!!! And I'm sure they know it! Such a thoughtful, loving gesture!

  2. This has to be the sweetest, creamiest, most wonderful icing on an already delicious cake! What a treasure for the kids to have - and what a heartfelt gift.

  3. What beautiful ornaments. And your cards are lovely as well. I'm sure they girls will treasure all the ornaments you send throughout the years.

  4. Thanks, Jeanette, Rhonda & Kate! This tradition always fills my heart with joy :)

  5. I think this is one of those traditions that really represent the best of what traditions are—the fuel the spirit! What beautiful gifts for you and the girls!