Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sneak Peak at New Project

And, that's all I'm saying :)
........Stay tuned!


  1. Love the layout! Look forward to hearing and seeing more!

  2. Looks wonderful - but what a tease!! ha ha

  3. It looks great whatever it will be?!
    Are there a lot of Sweet gum Trees down there? They are sporadic up here but have always loved them.

  4. Thanks, Carol! Yes, Sweetgum trees everywhere. One has to be careful not to twist an ankle when stepping on a ball!

  5. Hi there Pam,
    The package just arrived and the three kids crowded around the table to open it--a really great woodsy-herbal smell wafted out as we pulled back the packing paper...wonderful, beautiful crafted ornaments and cards. What a touching gift and so special. I knew I'd see something of the project here! :) You are so clever and such a wonderful friend. Shannon, Bridget, and Jesse are sitting at the table crafting their thank you's right now. They will treasure these ornaments and cards always. I hope you and Rob had a great Christmas and we all wish you the best in the New Year. Miss you--MJ

  6. I'm tickled, Mary Jo :) Great description of the unwrapping..... felt like I was there :) Love and miss
    you guys a lot!