Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ornaments for 2009

Ornaments for 2009
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Every year I try to make special ornaments for Shannon, Bridget & Jessie. They lived next to us in NY. How I loved watching them grow. I miss them a lot and try to stay close.

I was a bit late with my Christmas inspiration and these didn't get mailed until after the holiday. Just as I popped the package into the mail slot I realized I hadn't photographed them! Ahhhh!

Luckily they were up for a photo shoot. Their mom, Mary Jo, is super. She not only had the kids hold them but also provided closed ups :) I played with photoshop and made a collage.

The ornaments are 3" squares of 300 CP watercolor paper. I used acrylic inks and sprayed them with UV spray. To see a larger view, please click on the image.