Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hooked on Phoebe

Hooked on Phoebe
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Oh, Vickie, what did you start :)
But, really, thank you so for bringing Phoebe to our attention!! (Please click on image for larger view)

Life's been crazy of late and I haven't had time to really finish a journal page. I began sketching this sweet Allens Hummingbird, on the 19th, using a light grey color pencil.  Then on the 22nd, sketched the chicks and noted their amazing instinct of putting there butts up on the edge of the nest when they had a b.m.

I've seen parent birds clean nests of their babies bm's, but never witnessed newborns with these instincts.  Perhaps it's because Mom basically is doing everything herself.  Dad-o-Dad just mates and off he goes.

Today, I got tough with life and said enough! I'm at least going to paint today's sketch :) I put the web cam on pause and lost my self in sketching and painting her.  The other sketches were done live from the webcam.  Luckily, Phoebe strikes repeated poses :)

Ahhhh, peace!