Sunday, May 2, 2010

Full Pink Moon • Full Fish Moon

Full Fish Moon • Full Pink Moon

This is a memory sketch of April's full moon. The day prior, of and after, I saw this wonderful aura with and without my glasses. Rob didn't see it at all - perhaps for my eyes only?? Did anyone else see the aura?

I used to see lots of wild phlox blooming along the roadsides in western NY. I wonder if it is blooming now? I didn't find any here. The name 'Pink Moon' is in honor of the phlox as it's the most widespread wildflower blooming at this time according to the Farmer's Almanac full moon names.

Fish Moon honors the April moon as the time when Shad would swim upstream to spawn. What is Shad? Had to look this fish up. It's in the Herring family and according to Wikipedia, Shad was an important food source back in the 1700's. Now the rivers and waterways are so polluted that the Shad population has really decreased.