Thursday, July 29, 2010

I've Got A Secret........

Or, I could title this post "I Must Confess."

Last week I added this journal page to my Flickr account and also blogged about it.  Many of my Flickr friends marked it as a favorite - I'm so honored!

But, the image.....  how do I say this?  Oh heck, it wasn't the original rendition!

No matter how I dressed the page up with type and then a yellow background, nothing I did would draw my eyes away from a big ol' design hole right in the center of the page! I had drawn the clippings as they were in the vase, never thinking much about how the bouquet looked. Tsk, tsk!  What to do?

It occurred to me that this little adventure might be helpful to those that come up with page design problems.  Here's what I did.

My sketch is drawn on Canson Edition paper. I used the same paper for my single blossom. Remember now, I was away from my studio and handy, dandy supplies. All that was at hand to stick the flower onto the paper was Magic Scotch tape. I rolled it so the adhesive side was out and proceeded to stick the flower down (saying a prayer that I could easily lift it off later and use archival glue instead). My hat's off to Canson Edition paper. The piece photographed beautifully w/o any shadows from the flower!

Now that I'm home and back with my much loved scanner...... here is the scanned version :)

The center flower appears to jump right out at you, huh?

A happy ending :)