Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Full Sturgeon Moon

Full Sturgeon Moon
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Lots of names for this full moon! My own is Moon of Many Bugs! This is a real quick wc sketch - perhaps 10 minutes. Between the wee bugs attracted to the book light and the mosquitoes that were licking the bug spray then biting....... I finished up the written word today in the comfort of my studio :)

I had no idea what a Sturgeon looked like - wow!  They can get huge!  Very prehistoric looking, too!

The August moon was dubbed 'Sturgeon' by the Algonquian Indians, as they found these fish most readily caught during this time of year.  Some tribes also called it Full Red Moon because it looks reddish through the sultry haze.  It's surely been sultry but our moon was more yellow than red.

The English name: Grain Moon is related to harvest and the Green Corn Moon is referenced in the moon names of the Eastern Woodland and Southeast Native American Tribes for the ripening of corn crops.

There was just enough daylight left to distinguish the marsh from the trees.  The cloud cover didn't offer any moonlight!  We drove the golf cart to the 9th tee box for this view over the marsh toward the 18th.  I love the view from here and am looking forward to capturing this scene in the fall when the marsh turns a lovely orange gold.

When we returned home, the moon broke through the clouds.  Rob was able to capture this image.