Sunday, August 29, 2010

Maypops - a page of many days

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Much to my delight, I found Maypops on one of our morning dog walks.  The vine was/is growing in a tree and spreading onto the ground near an uncompleted house in our neighborhood.  The vine is quite large but the flowers were not real showy.  Yes, I took a clipping :)  It seems all the vine needed was water as the blooms popped in great fashion!

The pen sketch was done on the 17th around noon.  At 3 pm one blossom started to open and fully opened by 11 pm.  Sorry, can't go to bed just yet..... I must draw and paint this architectural wonder!

I painted the vine a few days later, then as time went on, more color was added.  Saturday I finished up with the calligraphy and called it Done!

I love being able to take my time with journal pages.  They take on a life of their own.  I love the voyage :)