Saturday, November 27, 2010

Our Thanksgiving Celebration

Our Thanksgiving Celebration
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Rob and I have lived away from our families a lot. We were able to travel to them a good part of the time but when we couldn't we kept the Thanksgiving tradition alive and well in our own home.

This year I decided to record the way we spend our celebration.  What really prompted me to try this was the pumpkin pie.  I baked it Wednesday and it looked soooo yummy when it came out of the oven.  I used my favorite pie plate made in western NY by the Wizard of Clay. I've had this pie plate for years and every pie I've ever made comes out extra stunning. It must be the way the clay reacts to the oven heat.

The fruit cup, sweet potatoes and butternut squash were already cooked but, I decided it would be better to leave them in their raw form. Thankfully, the turkey must rest for 30 minutes before carving.... plenty of time for a sketch :)

I finished up the page today, choosing the font for the title and recording our day's activities around the border. To me, this looks as warm and happy as our day.  I hope your celebrations brought great joy and blessings, too!