Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sketchbook Project Update #3.... Marsh & Birds

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One of my favorite places to walk  with the dogs are golf holes 17 and 18. This page celebrates #17 - which has, by far, the most bird activity. Big birds! And, wonderful views of the marsh.

There's quite a lot to read here and it's not one of my favorite spreads.... but, the info is pertinent to the theme of the book.
I love this spread. Wood Storks are one of my favorite wading birds. Some may think they are homely with their bald, wrinkly black heads, but they have such charm to me. I love watching them wade through shallow water, their beaks open and in the water, doing a stomp-their-feet-dance to stir up the the water and mud to catch their food.

I laughed when I finished sketching the two closest birds.  I must have been holding the book at an angle as they are listing to the left! Oh well, this kind of thing can happen when you're in a hurry and sketching with pen :)

As written, the Storks are not always around in these numbers. I've learned to carry my camera every time I take the dogs out. I know that these special treats wont' wait for me to get the dogs home and rush back to photograph.

The dogs have become quite patient while I photograph. However, the tri-color (Grizz) insists on a treat for being such a good girl.....  as in she won't move! I am such a well trained human!

Stay tuned to learn more about Crows and Ibis hanging out together!


  1. This book just gets better and better. I have never heard of a wood stork. I must look them up. and Gators are where you walk? Do you do any sketching on the walk or just when you get home? I feel so inspired. oh and I know about being a trained human all to well. :))

  2. Thank you, Cris! I sketch a lot on walks but not with the dogs. They take all my attention. They are Basenjis - not a laid back breed. I think they're reincarnated humans with attitude :) Really sweet and quite entertaining, but they definitely know how they want to live and what they want to do!

  3. Pam -- I love your pages. You do such an incredible job capturing the simplicity and beauty around you.

  4. Wow! Thank you, Kate, for such a great compliment!

  5. Well, you know I love the crows but you've managed to make the wood storks charming and a bit comical with their leaning :) I like the way it turned out and the title Wood Stork Morning - what could be better?

  6. Thanks, Rhonda :) They are a great bird! More crows for you in the next post :)