Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Sketchbook Project - Update III - Ibis and Crows

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I love the crows in this spread :)

I had no idea that crows would hang with Ibis.  I see this all the time - in trees, feeding on the fairway..... never fighting over territory.

Certainly can bring a smile!


  1. The pages in your book are so beautifully done. After seeing your lovely cards, I wondered if you'd thought about a calendar?

  2. Oh how fun. We have tons of Crows and Ravens, but no ibis here. Beautiful art
    peace n abundance,

  3. Lively and colorful Pam! It seems to me that you're really getting much more rich and adventurous with your colors, and with the compositions in general. They all have a real feeling of spontaneity and liveliness to them.

  4. Wow, thank you all!

    Kathy, perhaps I should consider a calendar... folks keep asking :)

    CheyAnne, I long to see a Raven! Haven't had the pleasure as yet.

    Ken, I think I owe the color & liveliness to icky paper, a deadline to meet, sketching with pen and love of subject.
    Weird combo but it seemed to work for me :)

    Me too, Cris. I want to do one for me now. I'll have to impose a deadline but I'll use better paper :)

  5. Love the variety of colors in those "black" crows :)

  6. Thanks, Rhonda! My first layer was peacock, then a titch of colbalt. My blacks are a combo of carmine, hookers green and ultramarine deep, all by Holbein.