Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Sketchbook Project Update IV - Trees

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It's time to celebrate trees :)

Walk with us to the 10th hole. It's
423 yards from the back tee to the green. The cart path runs along the edge of the woods.

Now that it's winter and much of the greenery has died back, I can see standing water not too far into the woods. This, along with the variety of trees found in a mere 423 yard stretch of land is a clear sign that this section of the neighborhood can be classified as a Bottomland Hardwood forest.

This type of forest usually borders a swamp and may be temporarily flooded should we get a whopper of a hurricane and the river reaches flood stage (not a warm and fuzzy thought!)

Here are all the trees I've identified so far. The illustrations are of two 'new-to-me' trees. I feel like such an explorer when I find a new flower, shrub, vine or tree. I don't care that Carl Linnaeus, or another botanist, may have named named it long ago - it's my discovery :) That's what I sooooo love about nature journaling! Even better is now that I've drawn it, it's mine.... forever in my heart :)

I never would have guessed Witchhazel comes from a tree! I always imagined witchhazel to be an herbaceous plant. A student of nature, that's what I am :)

These trees live on or near the 10th hole.

So many trees, not enough pages :) There are only two more spreads left in the sketchbook and I have other goodies to share. So, to all the trees that didn't make it into this book..... Patience, I'm working on it :)


  1. More wonderful work. The live oak Tree page reminds me of a place we walk with old oak trees and a path. I've often thought about painting it. I took a great photo of it. I really like your lettering on all the pages. It makes it fun to read. The way you draw & describe your area makes me want to go visit.

  2. My favorites of these is the two sisters, the live oak and the graceful pine = beeeuuutiful! But all the pages have been a sweet journey :)

  3. Thank you, Cris! Yes, do make your way across and visit the low country! I'm glad these pages entice you to visit!!

    Me to, Rhonda! Thank you :)

  4. Gorgeous pages, Pam! I love your trees, the drawings are so full of personality and your words add even more.

    Two Sisters is wonderful, also the Graceful Pine. Our slash pines here in Florida will sometimes make those interesting and unique swoops and curves. I always wonder what was happening then to make it grow that way...

  5. Great nature journaling--I like the theme of the trees. The witchhazel sketch is great--we have that tree. I don't think we have any of the others so it is nice to see your sketches.

  6. Thank you, Elizabeth! I do love the pines. I love standing at their base and look straight up to their canopy. Then there's hugging, of course :)

    Thanks, Joan! It was the yellow flowers that caught my eye. Oh how I love a new discovery :)

  7. gorgeous!! every single page. really lovely and very inspiring.

  8. Thanks, Jane! For stopping by and your great comment!
    And...... thanks for following. You are #90! Bells are ringing :)