Sunday, February 20, 2011

February Colors and Observations

This page started as a memory sketch and ended with a plein air watercolor sketch while waiting for full moon to rise on the 18th.

 I've been so taken lately with the contrast of colors in this mid-February and mid-winter landscape. The grasses; both lawn and marsh have reached their most dead and dull coloration. The blue of the water on sunny, blue sky days is absolutely brilliant and such a shock to your eyes. Red maples started to pop a few weeks ago so I splattered some red on the page :)  It will mean nothing to someone who may  thumb through my journal in years to come, but I will know :)

It was a beautiful day on the 18th, in the low 70's... a real tease. I was looking forward to painting the rise of the full moon. The dogs and I went for our afternoon walk around 5. I heard peepers!!! Woo Hoo!

I arrived at my chosen location to capture moonrise a tad early. Luckily it was just a bit away from the condo and when horizon clouds were too thick to see the actual rise, I gave in and return home to fix dinner. I'd much rather paint! I kept going outside to make sure I wasn't missing the moonrise. No....  We ended up eating dinner, cleaning up and then I went outside to paint.  By 8 pm the moon was hanging over the trees on the near horizon. The temperature was in the mid 50's. It was so nice to finally not fight the cold while painting. The image you ask?  It's coming... Another day, another blog post :)


  1. Wonderful to read this Pam. I can hardly wait for our warm weather. We got close but tonight the snow has begun to fall and everything is white once more.

  2. Happy to give you hope, Toni! About 30 more days and it will be better. Geese are already on their way up :)

  3. Why is it the irritating things we can all relate to that are funny? I had to laugh at the dang chigger bites! Being prone to bites of all kinds (you should have seen me when we returned from a week in Belize!!), I can relate. Beautiful bits of this one and I like how you put it together but waiting for that full moon :)

  4. Rhonda, I'm glad you had a giggle on the chigger info...
    I did the same in the middle of the night when my ankle started to itch. It's an itch like no other. I can't believe the little devils are awake already!! Not to mention I've two tick bites too! Luckily no ring around them... This northern girl is a southern bug's delight :)

  5. Ahh Peepers - so glad there is hope. Our Full Snow Moon was glorious to watch rise and to look at. It of course brought more snow. Today however there is sun even if it started out at a mere balmy 2 degrees!

  6. Hi Carol. 2 degrees!!! I'll stop cranking about our lousy January weather we had now :) Yes, there is nothing like the first sound of peepers :) My brother is a trucker and said he saw Canada geese flying north. They better take there time!