Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Guess what?

Said to the chant 'The Red Coats are coming......'

The Red Maples are blooming, the Red Maples are blooming!  And, early, too!!   :)


  1. Does that mean spring is coming early??? I went to Micheals this week and bought some watercolor colored pencils by faber-castell. I dont know much about good quality brands but they were on sale. I practiced a little with them. Today I saw where in 2008 you posted about them and thought they were good. I hope you still do. I posted it all on my blog mentioning your blog post to go to. I am an Oil painter so watercolor is a lot harder for me but for journaling & just having fun I would prefer using them.

  2. I sure hope so, Chris! They are always the first trees to pop... there is hope!

    Yes, I have Faber Castel's Albrecht Durer line of wc pencils. F C has a less expensive line, too. Both work well, the Albrecht Durer are a bit more buttery which feels wonderful when laying down the color.

    I think wc color pencils are the best way to start. Even though I used traditional wc paints prior to the pencils, I really feel the pencils helped me understand mixing pigment right on the paper versus on the palette.

    Make sure to take your colors out for a spin by creating a color chart. Put two colors side by side, add water and see what you get. Then, layer them on top of each other, add water and compare.

    If you've not tried a waterbrush yet, I think you'll find them quite fun and useful. It's another tool that helped me understand the water to pigment ratio.

    Laure Ferlita has a great tutorial here:

  3. Ah.. I think I got the cheaper ones. they dont blend as well as I was expecting. I did do a little practice blending of them. or tried to. I was using a waterbrush I got from Laure. I like it. I will practice with these pencils and maybe add good ones to the mix eventually. Thanks. Here's to the Maples. Soon our flowering pink trees, plums & Cherry trees, will be blooming here and its really spring to me then.

  4. Ooooo, I love it when the fruit trees bloom :)

    Reasonably priced, I really like Kimberly wc pencils. They are more buttery. Our Michael's carries them.

  5. Red Maples- ahh I am glad to hear that things are moving down south. I was just talking with someone who was going to Beaufort for a week. No signs of spring here yet but I am going to get some Forsythia to force. I'll get spring one way or another. This week also had me visiting online Coastal Carolina University - they have marine science program of interest to my daughter.

  6. God to hear from you, Carol! We're going to finally have a week of sunshine and temps in the 60's.... at last!
    The yellow of Forsythia will surely sooth the soul. You've had a heck of a winter up there!