Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Snow Moon

As stated in my previous post, I was a tad excited to capture the full moon rise but horizon clouds got in the way. I had a perfect spot by the marsh picked out and it was close enough that I could walk from our condo.

After dinner, the moon was just rising over the trees out front.  It was way to dark for me to toddle off to my spot by the marsh so I parked my folding chair on the front walk way. A snippet of the first condo building made for a good left corner frame. The buildings have green metal roofs.  When the moon is high overhead the roofs have a wonderful shine.

The name Snow Moon was given to the February moon by Native American tribes in the northeast. Rightfully so, as February is the time of the most snow. I also learned that it's sometimes referred to as Full Hunger Moon.

My quest to find what southeastern tribes called this moon took some digging. The Cherokee tribes territory in Georgia, North and South Carolina didn't really encompass the Coastal Plain of SC. But, they called the February full moon the Bone Moon and held a yearly ceremony to honor the dead. The native tribes of this area were called the Yemassee. Hopefully I'll have more info on them another time.


  1. The moon has been gorgeous this past week especially on clear nights.
    Interesting facts about the moon Pam.
    I'll have to do some digging of facts myself. Thanks for the inspiring prompt.

  2. Thanks, Toni! I used to love the quite of the snow and brightness with moonlight. Just not the temps :)

  3. Beautiful full moon and great info, too. Thanks for sharing, Pam.

  4. It's Beautiful! It was a slight orangish hue when rising up here but quickly changed to all white . Sadly no frogs yet.

  5. Thanks, Carol. Oooo that orange. That's why I love to catch it on the rise. Oh well, next time. Glad you caught it :)