Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring's Color Song ~ I

So many colors popping, so
little time....

Join me as I build this journal page.

This is the start to my salute to Spring.

Saturday, on the early evening dog walk down the cart path on 10, I saw Yellow Jessamine and Sweet Gum trees starting to pop. It was beautiful. The last rays of the sun were hitting the trees.  It was the perfect time to sketch.... Drat. Dogs to walk, dinner to make.... rain in the forecast for Sunday.

I was up and out at 7 a.m. on Sunday. The ground was wet but I caught a break between showers. I wanted to have plenty of time before the golfers made the swing to 10. It was so windy that I had to put the chin strap down on my Tilly so it wouldn't fly off my head! I made a bee-line to the Jessamine then on the way back to sketch the Sweet Gum buds, my eye caught a Sparkleberry bush with new leaves just beginning to pop. This tardily deciduous shrub like tree still had old leaves and a few berries hanging on.

The wind really started to whoop it up - usually a sign that the rain is about to come - so I snipped a Sweet Gum bud and headed for home.  Once in the door, I quickly deposited my sketch bag, harnessed the dogs and out we went for their morning constitution. We maybe made it 10 yards from the house and the rain hit. Basenji's hate the rain. It was a real quick walk :)


  1. I'll be glad when color starts to pop here. Enjoy your beginnings of spring.

  2. Yes, yellow seems to be the signal that spring is here (or very close). For me, it's the forsythia hedge in a neighbor's yard. And then the lilac buds.

  3. Thanks, Toni. Ah, March in the North. A crazy month but April is coming! Hang in there :)

    Rhonda, I think yellow cheers us all the more. I'm envious of the lilacs :)

    Thanks, Ms Val!

  4. Pam, You have inspired me! I noticed the Jessamine on my morning dog walk also. Tomorrow I plan on trying my new tools (watercolor pencils) to get a sketch. I will follow as you build this page. Fun! Thanks for a great class. Cathy

  5. Thanks, Cathy!! I love your I.D. name! You will love your wc pencils :) Let me know if you have any questions! I know you'll have more beautiful pages in your journal!

  6. This is fun to see how you get these pages going with little time. Will you build on this? I would love to see how you do the pages step by step. I never know where to begin so I dont start.