Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Fast Four Hours...But Oh So Fun!

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Rob and I are lucky to have had two weekends in a row where we spent time at Hilton Head National Golf Course.  Yesterday I joined him as he played a round of golf with our former neighbor.

What fun! I sat in the cart with my journal, watercolors, waterbrush and pen making fast sketches as we made our way around the course.
There were a lot of people playing, creating slow play on a few holes, giving me more time.

Years ago, HHN is the place I was first introduced to Fox Squirrels. They are not shy and don't mind if your ball lands closed to them. They are large and slow and have great coloring.  Some are gray with black heads, white ears and nose, others are all black with light ears and nose. I just want to pick one up and scratch behind its ears like a kitty - oh ya, that will happen!

The Fish Crows were out in force. How I love to hear them - especially on the golf course. They have uncanny timing to call out their famous 'Oh, oh' when someone is about to hit their drive. Too funny as it really messes with golfer's heads!

Dragonflies are out! I saw 3 types and several Palamedes Swallowtail butterflies around the blooming azaleas.


  1. This looked like a great day for both of you. Love the quick sketches. They dont look quick to me. You are always so inspiring to come and see.

  2. Thanks, Cris. It was a great day. Challenging to make all these quick sketches.

  3. You must have been moving with the speed of light on these, Pam :) Beautiful and love that pink flowering shrub against the greens. Now I have to look up fish crows and fox squirrels!

  4. Thanks, Rhonda! I had to ingrain the landscapes in my memory and work on them as we moved along. Ohio Ed out of the cart to sketch the ferns and was rewarded with a chigger bite. Sigh.....

  5. Dragon flies, Butterflies . . . I have heard our peepers 1x so far, it is down in the 20's again tonight. A few spring things are coming along though.

  6. Ah, a peeper tease! Hopefully the weather will turn better soon for you!