Saturday, April 16, 2011

Visiting Artist II ... My Lodgings

After a 4 hour drive on Monday morning, an hour to regroup, then a presentation to the 5th and 6th graders, followed by preparation for Tuesday's classes and an early dinner with Alice and Brent at the Pita House (yum!), I made my way to the Mann's residence to stay in their guest cottage called... The Cabin - a log cabin that was built in the 1700's, deconstructed and moved to this location in the 1940's. When reconstructed, all the original materials were used and modern conveniences added.

Have the words 'spoiled rotten' been said enough in my last post??

I was greeted by 'Yellow Dog' - not his real name but he so reminded me of Yellow Dog in the old movie Funny Farm with Chevy Chase. What a joyful way to be greeted by a loving, must lick you to death, yellow lab!

The family was off at their kid's baseball games and I had instructions to make myself at home.

I walked along the brick path, under the arbor covered in blooming Yellow Jessamine, past blooming Azaleas and a Dogwood tree to the front porch of the cabin.  The screen door was wide open, inviting me in.  I opened the very thick cabin door to this lovely family room.  Pinch me!!

Around to the left I found this bedroom and a good sized bathroom.

 Yes, the bed's as comfy as it looks :) Feather pillows, down comforter and beautiful quilted coverlets.

There's a kitchen with all the modern appliances... in stainless steel no less! A stocked refrigerator.... oooooh, I thought, Rob is going to be jealous that he missed this treat!! How to sound nonchalant during our call when I'm bubbling with excitement?

Upstairs is one big bedroom with the old fashioned slanted ceilings.  Just delightful!

I grabbed my art bag and made my way back out the front door to sit in the yard and paint this lovely piece of heaven.

I had time enough to get a light wash of the scene down before the Mann's arrived. Jacob, Elizabeth and their three delightful boys greeted me and welcomed me into their home. What gracious hosts.

I was delighted that the cabin portrait came out to my liking. Wednesday, I found a rustic frame at the local Michael's, matted and framed the painting and presented it to the  Mann's as my thank you gift. There were squeals of delight. My heart still sings :)


  1. OK, it doesn't get any better than this!!! What a treat to stay in this beautiful log cabin :) And you were wonderful to gift them with a painting of the place as a thank you. And as someone who has always let fear keep her from doing things, I have to tell you how proud this scaredy-cat is of you for doing this on your own!

  2. Thats a lovely painting. I would have squealed with delight too!! What a wonderful delightful cabin to stay in. Yep Spoilt rotten sums it up.. :)) But hey you gave them something delightful too.

  3. Oh, Rhonda.... Thank you!! It did take some to get up and go because it was hard to leave Rob and the dogs. Part of me wanted them to come along but in the end it was good to have the solitude that helped me channel my thoughts and energy. And, Lordy, energy I did use! I'm moving a bit slow this weekend :)

  4. Thank you, Cris! Yes, this whole experience was wonderful. I so hope the kids remember that journals are a very special place to explore and learn. I can't wait to show off some of their work.

  5. Oh how utterly delightful and absolutely Charming!!! And such a special thank you gift!

  6. How absolutely gorgeous PJ! It really doesn't get better than this! Every artist's dream, to be able to sketch in surroundings like these, totally inspirational!

  7. Maree, so good to hear from you!! I've been thinking about you and hope to pay you an online visit - oh to hop on a plane and see you live!

    Thank you. It was delightful.

  8. Really nice Pam. No wonder you enjoyed the whole experience. I hope you go back (I'm sure you will) but, I must admit, they got the better end of the deal!!!!!

  9. Thanks, Val. I'm still glowing from the whole experience!