Thursday, July 28, 2011

Look Who I Met :)

I know. How can you tell who it is with this view?

Well.... I'm pleased to say it's my blogging friend and fellow contributor to the Artist's Journal Workshop book, Ms Laure Ferlita from Painted Thoughts Blog.

She's autographing my copy of the book :) (great idea, Debo!)

This was just a quick visit as Laure was passing by on Rt. 95. Next time..... Sketching!

Great to finally meet you, Laure!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Steamy Summer Day

After sketching the Wood Storks, Rob and I drove over to the golf club on Spring Island. To one side of the club house are tabby ruins from the original plantation home. I headed for the shade of some Live Oak trees that stand on the edge of the marsh in front of the ruins and did this quick sketch of the view.
It was just about 11 am. The haze was thick, and the sky barely blue. The shade was divine for a bit.... Long enough to record the view, but the days heat was gaining rapidly. Rob looked so happy when I said 'let's go.'. :)

I'm especially proud as I figured out how to.......
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wood Storks Nesting

Ever since I saw my first Wood Stork I've wanted to observe, sketch and photograph them throughout their nesting cycle.

This year I got my wish :)

For the first time ever recorded, Wood Storks chose to nest on Spring Island! Yeah! They're relatively close by and I have access!

My first trip to check out the rookery was back in June. I saw a few hatchlings and some Storks were still sitting on eggs.

click to enlarge
I had just purchased a Platinum brush pen from JetPens and tried it out in my Aqua Bee sketchbook. I'm not used to sketching with such a bold stroke and felt a bit timid with my line work. I'm still playing with the pen... but that's for another post :)

Yesterday, Rob and I arrived at the rookery around 8:30 a.m. The day promised to be steamy. We walked past black vultures that were standing on the ground.  We were ho hums to them. That's what I love about Spring Island. Wildlife is revered there and everything/one lives in harmony. The rookery was teaming with activity. Snowy egrets, Black-crowned Night Herons, Great Egrets, Little Blue Herons, Anhinga and Wood Storks were in the trees. Most of the sounds, or should I say the loudest, came from the juvi Wood Storks. Music to my ears :)

During my June visit, I sat close to a sand trap and suffered many a red ant bite. This time I set up my chair and scope well away from from the sand. I dowsed my self in sunscreen proir to leaving the house and now bug spray. Yuck, but necessary.

Here are my on-location sketches. The ants found me anyway and they paid no attention to bug spray! I was so warm I kept fogging up the eyepiece of my scope. I managed to get a few good digi-scope images early on.
Not real sharp but good enough for my reference purposes. I used the begging juvi to fill a spot on the right side of the journal page.

If you look real close at the photo you will notice a juvi with it's beak
pointed straight up to the adult's head. The beak blends with the dead tree.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Full Thunder Moon

I'm ever so pleased to report the clouds that covered our piece of the sky for the last two days parted just in time for me to get a quick glimpse of the full moon!

I'd written July's full moon off.... while daylight lingered, there were far too many clouds... not to mention a shower or two.

I was stunned when I took the dogs out for their last pee trip at 11 pm to see this gorgeous sight! I rush back inside for the camera, but to no avail. The clouds smothered the moon and rain soon followed.

The image was burned in my memory and it had to come out :) Today, I painted the sky, let it dry and then sat on the front porch and painted the tree.  I'm such a pick about having my full moon sketches being executed en plein air.... I love the drama that I just don't feel in the studio. I did get the brightness of the moon better in the studio, though :) For the highlights on the clouds I used a uniball Sigmo white pen. Even put some on the moon. Ha ha!

July's full moon is also known as the Full Buck Moon as in the northeast (I like using the NE Native American's full moon names) the new antlers of buck deer push out of their foreheads. It's also know as the Full Hay Moon. We saw a lot of dino balls in the fields on our drive back from NY this week (that's what I call the large hay rolls they make now instead of bales.... The first time I ever saw hay roles I imagined dinosaurs visiting hay fields and leaving their calling card.....  kind of like bunny pills) That was probably TMI :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Garden Companions

Sunday was the perfect day to sit out by the lake and sketch. Nearby was a small flower garden. Mother Nature sprinkled in the perfect aster to compliment the purple of the hosta plants.

Momma Nature knows color :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th • Conesus Lake... Lake of Fire

Here's to being able to celebrate our Freedom! Thank you to all who help us keep it!!

We are once again in the Finger Lake's Region of Western NY. July 3rd is the big celebration on Conesus Lake. Here's some sights and sounds.....

At 10 pm everyone around the lake lights flares... thus, Lake of Fire. It truly is a magical sight. Fireworks are going off everywhere, the shore line is aglow with orange. The police long ago decided it wasn't worth their effort to chase down all the firework offenders. It always amazes me how much $$ goes up in smoke. Sure is fun though :)

And a bit of live action directly across the lake:

Safe celebrations and travels to all!