Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Workshop

I just can't contain myself and must share the fun :)

Being offered this Fall at 
Coastal Art Supply in Beaufort, SC

Painting NightScapes Plein Air - The Hunter's Moon
November 8 − 10, 2011
Tues: 1 − 4 pm
Wed and Thurs 4:30 − 7:30 pm
For the workshop description, please click here


  1. Oh how I wish I could attend. I am afraid the commute would be a tad too much from Connecticut. Please do an online class !!??!!

  2. Yes, that'd be a bit of a poke :) I'm toying with the thought of on-line workshops. Big learning curve on how to pull that off :) Stayed tuned!

  3. ...this looks like such an amazing workshop. I'm a night owl and am always drawn to the moon. Hmmmmm...maybe I'll try for this one instead of the garden workshop. Beaufort in November would be nice...and I'd love to see Pinckney in Nov too! :-)

  4. It would be great if you figure out an on-line workshop, as although I am not in CT, I am still too far away (PA) to join you.

  5. Hi Kelly, thought you might like this one :) November is beautiful here. No humidity, tress still have leaves and the temps are comfy :)

  6. Thanks for stopping by, Ontheroad! Yes, I'm gathering equipment to make online workshops a possibility :) Would be a good goal for 2012! If you'd like, send me an email so I can add your address to my data base.