Saturday, September 10, 2011

Harvest Moon and 9/11

Harvest Moon 2010
Sunday, September 11th and Monday, September 12th, one of the most popular lunar events of the year takes place. The Harvest Moon :)

The name "Harvest Moon' is given to the Full Moon that's closest to the Autumnal Equinox. Sometimes it falls in early October. Other names for this moon are Fruit, Corn and Singing (Celtic) Moon.

Interestingly, the Harvest Moon rises closer to the same time on these two nights and right around sunset! Before automation and electric lights, farmers used the brightness of this Full Moon to continue the harvesting of their crops well into the night.

Now, y'all know I've been painting Full Moons for a couple of years. I can't seem to stop, nor do I want to :) I'm fully immersed into my Moon Journey © and am very thankful for discount book buying options. My already full library is in need of culling so I can find a place for these moon book purchases :)

I love reading about moon lore, how different cultures celebrate the moons travels across our sky and most fun of all is learning how ancients lived in harmony with nature and lunar cycles. Yup, I'm immersed :)

This is one of the many reasons I love Nature Journaling. My early artistic creations revolved around painting landscapes. As I sat outside sketching and painting, I began to take note of the vegetation around me, then the birds and insects... on and on, deeper and deeper my art and soul have explored the wonders around me. The connection I feel to the natural world makes my heart sing. I took John Muirs quote to heart and decided I wanted to be in the world... not on it.

Here is the expanded version of John's quote.... "Most people are one the world, not in it - have no conscious sympathy or relationship to anything about them - - undiffused, separate and rigidly alone like marbles of polished stone, touching but separate."

Tomorrow, we as a country, and hopefully as a unified world, have the opportunity to pause, say a prayer, fill our hearts with love, peace and a determination to overcome human tendencies that cut and destroy lives, surroundings and our world, while we remember the horrible loss of life and country that happened ten years ago. All week I've watched programs that document 9-11 and the rebuilding of the empty hole left in the ground and in our lives.

Let's use the brightness of this Harvest Moon to celebrate the courage of the men and women that gave their lives helping to save others. Let's dance in the moonlight and celebrate the lives of all who we've lost.  Let's let them know they are not forgotten and promise we will strive to not take one moment of our lives or our freedom for granted. Let's, with our prayers of and for peace, turn the tide of hatred to one of harmony.


  1. What a wonderful post!!! I'll be meditating under the full moon, sending positive thoughts out to all living beings that we find peace within us (for that is where it all begins).

  2. Thank you, Rhonda! You are so right... within us it begins.

  3. Great post. I like the idea of being in nature but I then get afraid of the rattlers, black widows and scorpions. The ants are a pain too. I don't think I'll ever be too comfy!

    I hope the country and the world can come together better. I don't think the memorials tomorrow will do it though. I am an optimist however and know that times change and they will this time just as they always have before. I think mankind takes 3 steps forward and two back. We move ahead but slowly.

  4. Thank you, Timaree! I know what you mean about snakes, spiders, ants and here... the chiggers. Having grown up in New England, I'm not real comfy hanging out in the wilds of the low country - always a watchful eye and there's no more carefree walking through the woods. Luckily there's plenty to see along the fringe of the woodlands :)

    I, too, am ever hopeful that humanity can move forward toward harmony and keep the big picture in mind.

  5. Beautiful post, Pam. You tied everything together so eloquently, and I really enjoyed reading it. (I also love the music you've added to the post! One of my favorite songs!!!)