Monday, March 28, 2011

Azalea Time

For something different, Rob and I went to Hilton Head National Golf Course so he could hit golf balls on the practice range and I could sketch some different scenery.

We love this course. There are no houses around it and you really feel like you've escaped into the wild.

The driving range has woods on both sides and water near by. At one point I counted four Osprey calling and swooping in the air.

We set up on the right side of the range. The azaleas were a blaze under the canopy of trees. We arrived around 11 and stayed until 1. It always amazes me how 2 hours spent doing something you love can feel like 24! I was ready to take on the world once again :)

I took my time with this little piece. I'd watched Mr. Cardinal and a Mocking Bird flit around in the bushes. They must like sharing the same territory as we have the same combo of birds in our bushes.

I'd paint a bit then get up and watch Rob practice while the paint dried. Patience with watercolors is fruitful. Sitting in nature, ever so wonderful and necessary!

Yea!! I managed to save the lights!! I'm still pinching myself - this has to be one of my best plein air paintings I've done. Happy, happy girl :)