Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Full Owl Moon

I've been tickled for weeks as January's Full Moon falls on my birthday this year :)  How great is that.... a present from the cosmos!

The morning started off with total cloud cover, but the forecast called for clearing. Sure enough, when I took the dogs for their late afternoon walk the sky was beautiful and the temperature in the mid 60s.  I knew the moon would rise over the trees around 6:45 so I happily assured myself of a clear moon rise.

Jumpin' Joe!  Where did all these clouds come from! Geesh, you go inside for dinner and all kinds of things happen outside!

This was the scene when I arrive at 'the chosen spot.' The moon was peeking out behind a  huge pine with nothing but clouds overhead.

But, as I painted, I was rewarded with the most beautiful light show on the clouds.  So, it was a two painting night! As the moon climbed the clouds departed.  I'm very happy for the extra gift of the clouds for my birthday moon :) Not so happy with the mosquitoes that were biting..... in January!!!

The traditional Native American name for January's Full Moon is Full Wolf Moon. Hungry wolves would howl during the snowy, cold nights of January.  Well..... luckily there's no snow here in the lowcountry of South Carolina!  That's why we live here :) And, unfortunately, we don't have any wolves.  I love the whole concept of naming moons after what's happening in nature. January and February are very active months for our owls... Great Horned, Barred and Screech.  They are busy in their territories and it is the time of nesting.  Eagles are also very active.  I was going to call the moon Full Raptor Moon but decided to go with just the owls as they are a big favorite of mine.  What's going on in your neck of the woods?  What would you name the moon?


  1. What an amazing birthday for you and now for all of us as well because you shared such a great time and paintings. Love your style.
    Happy happy birthday. My son's was the 8th and mine the 18th. I love January.
    peace n abundance,
    and I think I like "Deep Winter Moon"

  2. Thanks, CheyAnne! Happy birthday to your son and you!! Yeah, January babies :)

  3. Just great to get this extra bonus gift for your birthday. And today I was thinking of you when I saw the moon early early in the morning sky.

    Then, an owl sitting on a telephone pole appeared like magic.

    Both gifts to you.


  4. Thank you, Zoe! What a great gift! For both of us :)

  5. First Happy Birthday!!

    What an interesting story you told about the progressions in the sky on your birthday. I absolutely love your final painting and page. The sky is gorgeous - it shows so much going on. I'm sure it was magical to see it live.

    I haven't thought about what I would call the moon, but the full moon here lately sure has caught my eye.

  6. Thanks, Claire! Yes, it was gorgeous and took my breath! Love the night sky in winter. It's so clear.

  7. What beautiful sketches! We had a pretty dramatic cloud and moonlight show on the full moon night here too. But here, January is most often cold and very windy. Not a time to notice much wildlife. Like tonight, the wind is really gusting, up to 50 mph, and snowing. I would call it the wind moon!

  8. Thanks, Ann! Full Wind Moon has a nice ring. Probably doesn't feel so nice, though. Hope your a snug as a bug in a rug :)

  9. Beautiful painting and name! I especially like the cloud colors and textures and those wonderful darks below. I cannot believe you had to battle mosquitoes at 61 degrees! I like the name Full Owl Moon. ;)

  10. Thanks, Elizabeth! Yes, can you believe mosquitoes in January!!!

  11. Happy Birthday, Pam!! I love that you renamed your moon. What a perfect name, too. Up here the Great Horned Owls are very active nesting and hooting back and forth. I always look forward to winter evenings so I can hear them hooting back and forth. I love your painting and how you combined it with text...

  12. Hi Kelly! Thank you :) Lucky you that you get to hear the Great Horned Owls!