Sunday, May 6, 2012

2012 RBC Heritage Pro Am

Back in early April, Rob and I made our annual trek to the Heritage Golf Tournament at Harbour Town Golf Links in Sea Pines Plantation on Hilton Head Island, SC.  This year we celebrate new tournament sponsors.... Royal Bank of Canada and Boeing.  A lot of work was done to secure RBC and Boeing and in turn, it keeps The Heritage alive and well.  Thank you to all who made this possible!

The tag line that goes hand in hand with the tournament is "Get Your Plaid On".  I was feeling a bit rusty at journaling and decided creating a plaid page would be just the ticket.  Besides, what a great backdrop for players autographs :)

It's so relaxing to putter with paint in my journal while sitting outside enjoying beautiful weather.  Getting autographs during the Pro Am is always a treat.  The players, for the most part, are very giving.  We chose our favorite area of the golf course to park ourselves... the intersection of holes two, three, six and seven.  I collected signatures at the third tee box. There were a couple of sets of grandparents with their granddaughters there.  After the pros hit their balls, two of the sweetest little girls would step right up with their hats in hand to be autographed.  Now who can refuse a little girl???  I stood just after them and had good success with the players I wanted to adorn my journal page :)

One last signature to go and I had to wait a bit for it.  This page is entitled 'Waiting for Paddy' - Padraig Harrington didn't pass our way until 4 pm.  Well worth the wait.... he such a leprechaun :)

This is the view of the number two green and looking back up the fairway from our seat at the 3rd tee box.

Three more day's sketches to come....


  1. How cool is that plaid page??!!! And adding the signatures as part of the art work was a creative touch - glad you were rewarded for your long wait for Padraig :)

  2. Thanks, Rhonda! Yes, the plaid was fun... great way to warm up :)

  3. What a great day! Love your plaid page!

  4. My hubby would be very envious of your autograph collection and your visit to the tournament! Love the plaid page and the view of the golfers. Beautiful!

    1. Hi Ann, Tell hubby I've 3 or 4 years worth of autograph pages :) It all started with a journal page I wasn't to pleased with and thought I might like it better if my favorite players put their John Hancock on it :) Now I can't miss Pro Am day :)
      Thanks so for stopping by and commenting!

  5. Love your plaid page and the airy green "springness" of the fairway sketch! Nicely done.

  6. Thanks, Laure! That shock of red surely livens up a mostly green journal :)

  7. great idea, I love painting outside in the sunshine too! beautiful blog Pam,Diana

  8. Thanks, Diana! Here's to more plein air sketching :)