Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Daily Journal

Dudley tucked under my arm as I sketch.
This year I purchased a lovely yearly planner by artist Jeanette Jobson. A painting graces the cover and there's one at the start of each month. The weekly pages have good sized daily spaces to record whatever you like.

I'm tired of the days sailing by without even a notation. This year I wanted to start a new leaf. Mind you, I didn't even know Jeanette was selling the planners until late January, but that didn't deter me from making one mine :) 

I love having just a bit of space to make a daily note. Sometimes, if the mood strikes, I'll sketch the dogs.

Working in my illustrated journal isn't a daily event. The pages in that journal soothe my painter's soul. I don't have time to create large works of art lately, so I keep my 'hand' active with mini journal paintings.  It truly has helped me to not have to reinvent the wheel when I do break out a canvas.  However, having a separate place to record and celebrate the day's happenings gives me comfort.  Each day is such a gift, I want to honor it in some small way.

Lately, there's been a lot of talk about the Stillman and Birn sketchbooks.  They're getting rave reviews.  Perhaps I'm headed in a direction that combines daily scratchings with my illustrated journal.  The one thing that's stopping me is the ability to scan my pages.  Hmmm... research is in order :)

The fur kids are enjoying the sun spots our new home offers. The sun comes through the sliders from about noon till four.... They don't move for anything!


  1. Loved that last sketch/painting - layered doggies! ha ha Sounds great. And thanks for reminding me to be thankful to "celebrate the day's happenings", something I often forget and just let slip by!

  2. Thanks, Rhonda! That sketch is my fav also :)

  3. The days have a way of sailing by regardless, don't they? They have no respect for my sense of time either! I am still trying to figure out the new Blogger interface and my reading list, that's how my spare minutes have been spent time for more than a few quick sketches once a week. I like your solution of sketching in a yearly planner. That has sparked an inclination in me!

    Speaking of Stillman & Birn, I just ordered a sample swatch of paper from them, partly because of the positive comments I've been hearing as well. The swatch sizes were small, but I found that my standard way of using ink and watercolor wash worked very nicely on the Beta series sample. Lovely texture and weight. I need to get some sketchbooks, I think!

  4. Elizabeth, I so loved your line 'They have no respect for my sense of time either!' Sooooo true! I've been so backed up that am now just posting sketches I did in March!

    Interesting about the Beta series. What size pen do you use? I was thinking the Alpha series would be good as I like to work with an 02 Micron. I currently use Fabriano HP paper and love the smooth surface. Did you find the Beta's surface similar to that of normal cold press papers?

  5. It was a Pitt Artist pen in the XS size, I'm thinking it's comparable to a Micron Pigma .05. I want to try the Fabriano someday, but have put it off since I heard negative reports about the company changing the paper texture. now it seems that a lot of people like the Fabriano, or perhaps its just the HP.

    The Beta surface is smooth-ish, but toothy, somewhere between a CP and an HP paper (my opinion), even though S & B calls it a "rough" surface. It has a natural white color, bright enough for clear watercolor hues but soft in tone. I like the weight - 180 lb. I need to try a larger size, though, the sample swatches were 4x6 inches, and so my washes were small.

    I think the Alpha series would be great for pen (and probably light washes). We need a Fairy Godmother who doles out art supplies!

  6. I love the HP Fabriano. It's not as slick at Arches HP and doesn't crack when it's folded. I also have Fabriano's soft press paper. Nice but too much tooth for my 01 and 02 Microns so I save that for paintings.

    Yes to the Fairy Godmother!! Hey, how about the Tooth Fairy? Seem every time we get a crown we should get art supplies under our pillow! Lots of them :)