Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Native Vines

Coastal Autumn colors are still singing their song. The colors and textures are a delight to my eyes.

Virginia Creeper and Muscadine Grape vines abound in our landscape.

New to me is Virgin's Bower - a native clematis.  I really want to explore the wonderful arrangement of the spent flowers.  They look different in every type of light.  I'm especially fond of the intricate squiggly fronds that are attached to the seeds - they look like feathers.  What a great way this plant has to transport its seeds through the air.

Last Wednesday, I cut snippets of these vines and put them in a vase for later sketching.
what a fun way to spend time waiting for the Thanksgiving turkey to cook!

The Muscadine and Virginia Creeper have now faded but the Virgin's Bower hasn't changed a bit..... Oh goodie! I'll be able to make some enlarged sketches of this amazing plant :)


  1. Lovely sketch. Clematis vary so much around here but they are all cultivated ones.

  2. Thanks, Rhonda! Do the cultivated clematis get this type of seed stage, too?