Monday, December 10, 2012

Water Study

The Stillman & Birn journal I've dedicated to water studies finally has another entry.

Saturday, I conducted a workshop entitled "Working Small".  The morning was spent in the classroom honing quick sketching skills, learning to how to capture a scene in 4 values and last but not least, putting skills learned into practice by sketching en plein air.

During the en plein air stage of the workshop we were at a small park along the Beaufort River.  Most of my time was spent conducting one-on-one tutoring with the workshop participants but, I just couldn't resist capturing the lighting and the colors on the river.  This may sound odd but it was a bright mostly cloudy day.  The afternoon sun was trying hard to break through the cloud cover but never did truly succeed.  Oh..... the colors on the river were stunning.  This page reflects a very small portion of the view.  So much can be learned from working small :)