Sunday, January 27, 2013

Jupe and the Moon Encounter

Y'all know I love keeping tract of celestial events :)  Thankfully the sky was almost clear... Even better, atmospheric ice crystals created a huge ring around the moon as if to celebrate the closeness of these two heavenly bodies.

I sketched the 6:45 pm and 10:30 pm views plein air, but in a different sketch book, then added them later to this journal page.  The painting was done inside after running out, taking a peek, and then creating the sketch from memory.

One thing I'm very careful to do is make sure I have the slant of the gibbous moon correct. I imagine a clock face to judge the angle. In this case, at 6:45 pm it was 11 and 5 o'clock, at 8 pm - 11:30 and 5:30.  It was a big surprise that the moon had turned so much by 10:30.  This was also when Jupiter was at its closest point to the moon.

If you had a clear sky for viewing, did you have a ring around the moon, too?


  1. I had a peek between clouds of the full moon .... didn't see a ring around it, but if the ring was large the clouds would have hidden it.

    That angle of the moon is so important, isn't it! On a sheet of white paper one knows if a partial moon belongs in the night sky or a daytime sky. Silly me didn't make that connection for awhile.

    I love your moon series!

    1. Hi Elva! I'm with you... until I really started to pay attention to this everyday occurrence, I had no clue. So much out there that we don't really see!

  2. I was hoping you saw it! It was wonderful here at Moss Creek. But I didn't have the courage to try to paint in the cold!

    1. Thanks, Laura??
      It was too nippy to stay out for long. Had to keep stepping out for a peek, then go back and add paint :) Thankfully the pen worked for quick sketches outside!