Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sketching and Biking at Palmetto Bluff

Oooo, the BeeCycle has been getting a workout.  We went over to Palmetto Bluff to bike the trails.  This is one of the scenes along the five mile drive into the village.

On this trip I carried my 8.5x11 Stillman and Birn Alpha journal in my basket.  I love sketching with a Micron pen on this paper. I took a reference photo so I could add color at a later time. 

The day finally arrived :)


  1. You have a nice life Pam! I love that you take your bike and spend so much time outdoors sketching. It's fun to see the sketch in ink and then in color.

    1. Thanks, Diana! Yes, I'm a happy camper and ever so grateful. Need to get more exercise and biking brings so many added joys!

  2. Those are wonderful watercolors. It makes me want to visit the coast again.