Thursday, April 25, 2013

2013 RBC Heritage Watercolor Sketching

Yes, it's that time of year! I so look forward to roaming the Harbour Town Golf Links and sketching scenes around this beautiful place.

The Pro Am on Wednesday is a favorite. I like to create a journal page background for the players to autograph.  Luke Donald was the first on my list and I barely had any pigment on the page!
This year I decided to recreate the RBC logo as the center piece for my page.  Then, plaid must be somewhere on the page as the tag line for the tournament is 'Get Your Plaid On'.  The Heritage's logo - a golfer in white knickers, red coat and black hat is also mandatory.  Each element of the page slowly took shape as golfer's autographed my page.
Here I am, very busy sketching and then jumping up to get the player's autographs :)

Just a kid at heart!

Here's the page at the end of the day.....
Stayed tuned.... Thursday, Friday & Saturday sketches to follow :)


  1. How cool that you incorporate the players' signatures in the work - now that's gotta be a memory keeper!

  2. Yes indeed, Rhonda! It all began five years ago when a page I was working on turned into a disappointment and I thought the player's autographs would jazz it up :) Now I create a special page each year to act as a backdrop for their John Handcocks :)