Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Easter Sunday found us outside doing the things we enjoy most.

Yes, golf was involved... but not for me :)  A Sweetgum tree that was close to the putting green offered a branch at eye level.  I've been wanting to capture their spring flowers for many years.  It was great to see a seed pod still attached.

This is my first entry in a Stillman & Birn Zeta Series journal.  The paper is a dream.  The Micron pen glided over it's smooth surface and the watercolors behaved much like they do on hot press paper.  The sheets are 180#! Altogether yummy in my opinion. 


  1. Tuesday evening, Sweetie and I went to see a program sponsored by the Ohio Birding group and the Oxbow Conservation group - it was a film on Aldo Leopold. Very interesting and I had never heard of him. But when I saw your post today, I thought, "Aldo needed you along with him to document the sights of nature." Of course, he was gone by 1945 but his whole family (all of his children) are carrying on the conservation and ecology movement he called the Land Ethic. Beautiful work that still needs to be done - and loving nature is the start, I think. Your work always shows that.

  2. Rhonda, thank you for such a heartfelt comment. I am honored that you see the love and respect that I have for Nature in my work! I love reading about Aldo. That must have been a great program!