Monday, May 6, 2013

Round Two, 2013 RBC Heritage Sketches

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A gray morning. I was sitting with my back to the 6th green so I could paint the view of the 3rd green and the 2nd green and fairway.  The Live Oaks made a perfect frame.

I used a pencil to sketch the stands and people, otherwise laid the rest of the elements in with a brush and paint.


  1. Live Oaks, Spanish Moss, Southern Living - what a lucky girl you are! Every time I see spanish moss on live oaks, I feel like my heart tells me I'm home. Not south enough in NKY for that - but I did see the largest wisteria in full bloom today and it took my breath away!!! I definitely was a South Carolina girl in a previous lifetime.

  2. Yes, the oak/moss thing calls to me, too. I was born/raised in New England with the name Pamela Sue..... Even my folks knew I was going to head south!! Come on back home, girl.... even if just for a visit!

  3. Pam, wonderful work, The weathers starting to get great for the better well be getting out more. Cant wait for the moon light for the evenenings.Hope all is well, have a great day,

  4. Thanks, Linda! Still cool here. Actually need to wear my light corduroy jacket today.... in May!!!