Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sunset on the Marsh and Supermoon

The weather has been tops lately.  I love that it is staying light until 8:30 or so.  I've been taking advantage and going for bike rides with a sketchbook tucked in the basket.  Didn't get real far this particular evening.

I stopped on the golf cart bridge that leads to the ninth green and was enthralled with the sunset.  The moon was coming up over my shoulder... What no moon painting you ask? Saving that for another day :)  Mankind has the honor of seeing supermoons three times this summer.  Tonight, June 23rd (the most 'super' of 2013's supermoons), and July 22nd.   So if you've tuned in here late, you still have a chance :)
Here is my page in the almost done phase.  The paper was too wet to continue so I had to keep the journal open in the basket and ride on.  Good timing actually, as the no-see-ums were becoming fierce.

The waxing moon is really bringing in the tide.  I so love it when the high tide is right around moonrise.  Love to capture the moon's reflection in the marsh.


  1. Pam. love your bike, what a wonderful way you have on spending the day:) But e need our moon:)
    Sure wish I could beable to move from this hilly place and move to where you can just be,
    Have a great day,