Thursday, June 13, 2013

Spotted Eagle Ray Designs

This will be on the back of the shirt.
We are all preparing for Camp Spring Island at work.  I'm in charge of designing T shirts for the campers and volunteers.  This year we are celebrating the Spotted Eagle Ray.

I love the research process when I'm asked to drawn something totally unfamiliar.  The best and most inspirational find on Google was a set of amazing videos by ARKive.  Check them out here.

Each Spotted Eagle Ray sports unique spots.  This made me smile, as once I capture the outline shape of the ray, I made up my own spot design :)

Front left image
The front of the T shirt will have a small image on the upper left chest area.

Water bottle logo
This year, we are also going to have water bottles for the campers.  I love that I get to create art at work!


  1. Great designs :) I got to snorkel with eagle rays in Belize several years ago - it was wonderful! They are great creatures and I like their rounded "noses" that make me think of Jimmy Durante!

    1. Thanks, Rhonda! Ooooo, lucky you to have had the pleasure of swimming with these rays. I was so mesmerized with the videos I watched of them... so graceful. Never thought of Jimmy, but you are so right!!