Saturday, September 7, 2013

2013 HHI Celebrity Golf Tournament

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Back in 1979 an annual Labor Day celebrity charity golf event was established on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. It matched amateur golfers with celebrities and best of all, the monies raised helps lowcountry children's charities! 33 years and 3.9 million donated dollars later... the tournament lives on!

Rob and I have had the opportunity to go to a few of these tournaments.  I saw singer, song writer Paul Williams one year, and thanked him for all he's done over his career.  He was walking by when I let this roll out.  I'll always remember him stopping short and turning around to thank me for my words :)

I arrived at Wexford Golf Club around noon last Saturday.  I'd never seen this private course and didn't quite know the best place to be.  The folks in the Pro Shop were quite helpful and one of them even chauffeured me out in a golf cart to 18th green/#10 tee area :)   Guess I must have sounded official when I said I was there to illustrate the tournament, and could they help me with the best location :)

I found some shade on the back tee box that separated me enough from the designated player's tees. I began to sketch and paint the scene.  Group upon group teed off.  Before I knew it, the tournament was over.   Celebrities were right in front of me and I didn't see a one!  Upon leaving, I did glimpse Dennis Haysbert walking down the club house stairs.  Too far away to speak with him, though.

It's great to see mankind reaching out to help one another.  There are now 20 children's charities that receive funds from the HHI Celebrity Golf Tournament! A hearty thank you to the all the folks that make this happen!


  1. Another wonderful day shared! I would have had to chase down Dennis H. just to have him say something to me - that voice!!!

    1. Thanks, Rhonda! Yes, I agree... quite a voice :) He's one tall dude too!