Monday, August 12, 2013

95th PGA Championship Sketches

Rob and I were fortunate to have tickets to Thursday's and Saturday's rounds of the tournament. The weather was Western NY summertime perfect.

Thursday, we parked ourselves under a tree with a good view of the 6th green and the 7th tee. Met some nice folks enjoying the day.  Couldn't believe the crowds.... a sea of humanity,  especially when Tiger arrived in our area. 

After Phil came through, we made our way to the 16th tee box so we could stay ahead of his crowd and then follow him up to 18.  I was determined to get his autograph :)  .... Well, I got Rory's, Justin Rose's and Woody Austin's, but the rain came and we left.  Luckily, Phil made the cut!

We so lucked out picking Thursday and Saturday as our days to attend.  Friday was filled with rain.

On Saturday we made our way to the 13th tee box.  Rob camped there while I went on a bit farther to a spot just down from the 4th tee. I saw this scene on Thursday and was eager to capture it in my journal.  It was mid-morning and the crowds weren't strong yet.

Once I finished this watercolor sketch, I went back to 13 and we stayed there until Phil came through.  Then again, made our way to the 16th tee box.  Once Phil showed up, I walked up to the clubhouse area.  I was determined to get Phil's John Hancock!

I'm ever so happy to say that I was successful :)

I have blotted out the actual  autographs with a Photoshop tool, as I'm unsure of the possible online ramifications.... better safe in this electronic world than sorry.