Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Little Sketch Here a Little Sketch There....

Jumpin' Joe! Where has the time gone!  Guess I went into unintentional blog posting hibernation.  I really have been sketching, though.  Nothing glorious as time has been tight, but sketching none the less.

Here's a look back through my books and iPad Paper 53 journals from the end of December until today.

This is a tiny journal I made from some scrap hot press paper.  It's an accordion fold book with 2 more spreads to fill.  I'm filling it with walks taken around our neighborhood and other destination walks around our town.

I love keeping a journal in my purse.  I use it to capture all types of on-the-go activities.  It's a little Moleskine with the very thin paper that really doesn't work well with watercolor.  I have a very carefree attitude when I use it as it's very hard to control the results.  Not to mention, a lot of the entries are of our special dinners out.  Rob is very patient about waiting to eat his food while I sketch away.  I've become very speedy with my ink sketching.  I paint while I'm eating.
This iPad/Paper 53 sketch took place during the Super Bowl.  I love watching football, but this game was painful!  Grizz was laying beside me on the sofa.
Yum, out to eat again for our anniversary.  Love the Skull Creek Boathouse.

Finally finished the Spotted Trillium sketch on my iPad.  I wish you could see the Trillium Garden on Spring Island.  There are thousands of plants blooming now - all courtesy of Mother Nature.  Part of why I've been so busy is that one of my new projects at work is creating art for signage and a small brochure about this garden. Exciting times at work.  I'm a bit worn out when I get home each evening, though :)

And last but not least.... Today Rob and I did our annual trek to the Gullah Festival on Hilton Head.  It's been a perfect February day. Lots of sun, not much wind and actually got up into the low 60s!  Unlike yesterday where the wind blew 40 mph all day long.  Thank goodness the temps were in the low 50's.  We are now official weather wusses.  No living back up north in the winter for us!

This is my new purse palette that's the size of a business card case from Expeditionary Art.  I've filled it with M. Graham watercolors.  Loving it!


  1. You've really been doing some nice work - thanks for sharing! Love the one of Grizz on the sofa and the Trillium in the iPad app :) If we have another winter like this one here, I'm moving south - can't take anymore of this snow and ice and cold and being stuck inside - ugh!

    1. Thanks, Rhonda! I don't dare to complain about our cold weather with what north of the Mason Dixon line happenings! The male goldfinches at our feeders are becoming more and more yellow. There's hope!

  2. These are all fantastic sketches! But you know I really like those landscapes in that little accordion fold book best :-)