Monday, March 3, 2014

Couldn't Resist

It was a lovely day in the neighborhood.  Spring bursting everywhere. Our golf course was filled with players.

I took a bike ride, it's basket filled with journaling supplies.  What would I come upon that I would just have to paint?

Along the way I found a house under construction.  I love walking through new construction.  This one drew me in as the view from the back looks over the 17th tee box and the marsh beyond. 

I toured the house. The view from what seems to be the sun room...... well, let's just say it was speaking way to loudly for me to ignore :)
It was hard to choose between this view and the one from the second floor that looks out over the same scene.  Hmmmm.  Will I trespass again?   Perhaps the owner will be more understanding if I gift them a sketch :)

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