Monday, March 24, 2014

Memory Sketching - Canada Geese

Saturday, Rob and I had the special treat of visiting a local private plantation.

The owners are great stewards of the land and take special pride in and care of the wild animals and birds that reside there.

We were treated to a tour of the plantation via a gas powered four-seat cart.  Owner Kathleen is in her golden years and a spitfire.  She hopped right in behind the wheel and off we went.  It was a gray afternoon, the temperature finally in the high 60's, but with a threat of showers.  It started to sprinkle shortly after we started, but the good Lord knew I needed to see the land and views I hope to paint in the future.  We pressed on and the rain drops subsided :)

Oh my, I am smitten with the land, marsh and wildlife we saw. The above sketch was burned into my memory and I sketched it the following day.  They have a flock of Canada Geese that return each spring (the geese must winter in Florida!), breed and raise their young.  We saw one gosling and two other nests being incubated.  When we came upon the nest above we had a good chuckle. The goose was trying it's hardest to be invisible.

I am truly blessed to have a standing invitation to return and plein air sketch and paint on this plantation.  Stay tuned for more lowcountry sights!


  1. Pam such a great sketch...we have Canada Geese all around us...they have moved into the neighbor's pond...such super birds. Took time to catch up on all your latest posts. Just love visiting and seeing your sketches. Take care and have a great week.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Debbie! Canada Geese are a favorite of mine. When we first moved to the lowcountry of SC from western NY, I missed them dearly. Now little by little, I'm finding scattered areas where I can get my geese fix :) Thanks for your nice comment!

  2. Debbie, thanks for stopping back by! I do so love Canada Geese! To me their honk is one of the sweetest sounds..... especially in the spring when living in the north :)

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day, in spite of a little rain. Great sketch - from memory - too!