Thursday, May 15, 2014

iPad/Paper 53 and Watercolor Workshop continued

Again, we worked from a photograph, using the iPad / Paper 53 app, to learn how to feather colors into each other like when creating a wash in watercolor.

Oooooo, I'm really liking the new skills I'm learning using the Paper 53 :)

Step two.... create a painting from the sketch.  This exercise was on the third day of the workshop.  I didn't finish, and on day four, we started a new project.

Although I will finish this piece, I'm not real thrilled about it.  I've muddied the marsh grass near the horizon and that's all I can see.  However, there are advantages to having already written this piece off.  When I proceed to work on the pluff mud and foreground marsh grasses, I can do so with abandon.  The pressure is off - this is now a large single page of my journal.  A place to learn and grow.  Stay tuned for the result  :)

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