Sunday, May 4, 2014

Stewardia malecodendron

My coworker has this southern native tree/shrub growing on his property and brought a cutting to work for me.  It sat on my desk several days before I had the opportunity to make a sketch.  So long so that it was now or never, as the blossoms were starting to fade.  I decided to use a Pentel brush pen for the line work.  I love the calligraphic marks this tool makes. I added watercolor to the finished line work.

I love this addition to my Stillman & Birn journal that I've dubbed 'my book of trees'.

Did you know:
• Stewardia or Silky Camelia is a small understory tree/shrub mostly found growing along the coastal plain from Virginia down to Florida and over to Louisiana and even into east Texas.
• It's an uncommon tree but has a large range
• Favorite growing conditions include rich wooded bluffs, ravine slopes and creek banks

For more information about the Stewardia, please click here.

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