Thursday, August 21, 2014

Journaling to Heal

We had to say goodbye to our Dudley today.  Sad times, but now he has no more earthly troubles and I know he's running and playing with friends long since passed.

Art always soothes my soul.  The night sketch was created Sunday.  I knew our days together were numbered and I so wanted to document our wee-hour pee trip walks.  Despite the lack of sleep these trips caused, like everything with our Dudley, there was always a gift attached.  In this case some amazing night skies.  Maybe in the days to come when I get up in the middle of the night for my own trip, I'll muster up the energy to take a walk outside in honor of my sweet boy, Dudley.

I completed the rest of this page today, after saying goodbye to our boy.  Taking loving care with it, just as I did with him, helped to bring a peace to me.

We love you, Dudley.  You'll always, always be in our hearts.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Journaling a Road Trip

Don't you just love the words..... Road Trip?  'My love' drove the entire way so I could document our day :)

It was a tad difficult trying to letter as we drove along.....  I finished the page as we pulled in the driveway!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Botany by Golf Cart

Botany by Golf Cart???  Indeed!  On Spring Island is a Jack Nicholas designed golf course called Old Tabby Links.  A couple of years ago it received a face lift, so to speak.  Jack was in charge of renovations.  The course was closed for a whole season.  Part of the plans included the use of native plants to dress the course. Our landscape ecologist worked hand in hand with the golf course superintendent to make this happen.

Here is a page I sketched while on a brief tour (via a golf cart) of the golf course.

Stayed tuned for more Botany by Golf Cart..... we have a staff outing for a longer tour coming up the last week in August.  I love staff play days :)