Monday, February 17, 2020

Honoring the Beautiful Bloodroot - 1

 I saw my first Bloodroot in 2005 when we were living in Western New York.  I was smitten with this plant on the spot.

I loved the way one very large leaf enveloped a single stem with a delicate white flower.

There was a patch of plants, all in various stages of growth.  So delicate.  Such a wonderful delight for the eye.

There were so many beautiful wildflowers that spring, I decided to start a journal to celebrate each one.  The journal I chose had been a gift and for years it remained blank, as the paper made me nervous.  It is thin and filled with  long fibers.  I had no idea how it would work with watercolor.

Thankfully, I left the first journal page blank.  Then after two pages of trial, error and removal, the third page was the charm.  I first drew with a black Sakura Pigma Micron waterproof pen, then added watercolor.  The paper is so thin that I had to put a blank sheet behind the page I was working on to protect the following pages. 
It's been years since I had looked at this journal.  I love how the watercolors traveled through to the back side of each page, creating wonderful abstract designs.

There are more blank pages within the journal.  I hope to fill with them with lowcountry wild flowers.


  1. Pam- This is fascinating. I imagine the paper was quite tricky to work on and get to "behave" the way you wanted. The bloodroot is lovely-- it is such a charming and delicate flower. We have some in our woods, but they are so short lived that I have rarely painted them. I must follow your lead! Your painting is beautiful.

    1. Thank you, Jean! I may do some testing at the back of the book the next time around. But then, I am a braver artist now than back in 2005 : )

  2. I love the effect of the watercolour on the thin paper, it looks like an antique picture. There's something special about keeping a gift book then suddenly finding it can work after all. Hope to see more low country pics soon!

    1. Thanks so, Valerie! Yes, what was frustrating now looks inviting. Love the art journey!